Our Beers

What we offer...

Black Hole Brewery create Beers and Ales to suit all (ok, most) tastes. With award winning core range of, seasonal and one-off special beers we're sure you'll find something you - or your customers - will love.

We offer a range of Bitters tailored to a range of tastes - from lighter session drinks to beautfully reddy winter Bitters to traditional "real" Bitters.

Our range of Ales - some citrusy, some hoppy, some for sessions and some to sip with caution - are again crafted to suit a range of tastes.

We also brew Wheat Beers, Stouts, Porters and speciality drinks. We're proud of our recipes and the thought and care that goes into our recipe research!

Bespoke, Event and Venue Beers to order

If you're looking for a house beer, a beer for an event, or a reliable and quality branded beer then talk to us! We make named beers for Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels, as well and branded beers for Companies and other Venues. (We even supply the pump clips!)

A close-up of a paper filter filled with ground coffee
A green cup of a coffee on a wooden table
Coffee beans

“The first time I tried Kaldi’s coffee, I couldn’t even believe that was the same thing I’ve been drinking every morning.”

Elisabeth Kaurismäki

“Kaldi is the place to go if you want the best quality coffee. I love their stance on empowering farmers and transparency.”

Philipp Trommler

Monthly subscriptions

We make it easy to make great coffee a part of your life. Choose one of our monthly subscription plans to receive great coffee at your doorstep each month. Contact us about more details and payment info.



Perfect for the drinker who likes to enjoy 1-2 cups per day.

  • 3 lbs of coffee per month

  • Green or roasted beans"

  • One or two varieties of beans"



Great for avid drinkers, java-nsoving couples and bigger crowds

  • 6 lbs of coffee per month

  • Green or roasted beans

  • Up to 4 different varieties of beans



Want a few tiny batches from different varieties? Try our custom plan

  • Whatever you need

  • Green or roasted beans

  • Unlimited varieties